Abomination by Robert Swindells

“Abomination” makes this novel sound like a trashy monster yarn. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a heart-warming story about a twelve-year-old girl called Martha doing her best to fit in at school when cruel circumstances force her to be very different from her peers. No, she hasn’t got some horrible deformity to deal with (if you’re still thinking along the “monster” line); it’s her parents. They are religious nutcases. Belonging to a vaguely Christian cult known as “The Righteous”, they force Martha to eat plain food and wear home-made clothes. Most importantly of all, Martha must never, ever, bring a friend home. And as a result, she has no friends. Enter Scott, the new kid at school. A moment of absentminded kindness to Martha causes him to be branded as much an outcast as she is. And so, they find comfort in each other. But what will happen to their friendship when Scott wants to visit her house? She can never let that happen, for her family has a dreadful secret.

Swindells has a knack for short, snappy chapter divisions that keep you reading. It’s that syndrome where you turn ahead and think, “Ah, the next one’s only three pages. I’ll read on.” And before you know it, you’ve got half the novel read. I had this one finished in two days flat. The main credit must, of course, go to the engaging storyline.

Some great themes going on: childhood cruelty to one’s peers; coping with being different; how religion can warp the mind; smearing over evil by calling it good. Real life never gets romanticised with Swindells. And that’s why his books are so good.

36 thoughts on “Abomination by Robert Swindells

  1. tigijigz says:

    I loved this book i read it in 5th grade and still remember it today it is fab! 😛

  2. Matt says:

    Great book. Lovd the way it switches between Martha’s and Scott’s point of view, giving you two perspectives on the same story line.

  3. Jod says:

    this book is amazing lad

  4. shazzy says:

    this is the best book i have ever read among the ones i have read. i wish robert would publish the second book and i will be the first to read.

  5. justine says:

    I Like This Book N Im In Year 9
    n i useually hate reading its a sad but happpy n cut book

  6. sonia says:

    i’m reading this book now @ school it’s really interesting but we won’t probably be able 2 finish reading it coz we have alot of work 2 do so can sum1 plz tell me what abomination is?

  7. Chloe says:

    Abomination is [SPOILER DELETED! – Darryl] . 😀

  8. Benito says:

    its not Marthas sister, Mary is Marthas sister, its [SPOILER DELETED! – Darryl]

  9. x Georgiiee x says:

    I loved this book, especilly the way i didnt know what “abomanation” was until it was spoilt by my friend, but if i didnt know what he was i wouldnt have guessed until that cirtain page.

  10. martha says:

    the book is great!!!!
    i read it in two hours….

  11. Johanna says:

    My opinion about the book

    The most moving thing in the book for me was of course the situation of Abomination. I can’t understand that grandparents lock up their grandchild for six years in their cellar. They didn’t say any loving word and kept him like an animal. They really thought that they do god’s will and if they baptize Abomination one day everything will be alright.
    How can they bring this together with a loving god?

    Another thing is the fantastic friendship between Martha and Scott. Especially to see, how a friendship can change people, like Martha. She was a shy girl and now she is a self-confident young woman.

    All in all it’s a very interesting and dramatically book.

  12. vanessa says:

    to be honest the beginning and middle of this book was great, but the ending was a big BIG leat down.

  13. hannah says:

    vanessa i agree with u

  14. vanessa says:

    whats the hill called? again i forgot. i need it 4 a assment

  15. hannah says:

    i dno im on the phne 2 u right now! lol

  16. hazel says:

    we are reading now in Mrs Rogders class im really excited and i hope the story will end as well as it begain x

  17. Morgan Jones says:

    yes i agree with Hazel i hope it ends as it begain byee

  18. Lucas Mennigngs says:

    its a good book i reckon a futre bestseller for kids aged 11 to 14 i was 11 when i read it with my class of 28 including my three best mates Alexe, Michasain and Dominique !!!!!

  19. i love dis book so much am in year 9

  20. AsIf says:

    i Love This book, im reading it in englishh and i have got into it, because im sad like that lol, its actually really good, everyone else is on chapter 21 and im on 47 i do like it, i’ve nearly finished now,. as if there is a little boy called abomination really. sickko

    • Channique says:

      hahaha im in year 8 and ive read ahead to but if the teacher asks me to read out loud i have to flip back to find out were the rest of them are

  21. Channique says:

    I haven’t Finished this book yet I am reading it at school so far its been amazing i LOVE books but this is definitely flying high in my top ten this book has made me feel so warm yet intrigued and i cant wait to read on.READ this book!!!

  22. Emma Collin says:

    Heyy people, I’ve recently been reading this book “Abomination” in my English class and so far its been a great pleasure to read and i think that it is fantastic. I like the way it swaps from each of their point of views. I hope to read the end as soon as possible, thanks.

  23. Sam says:

    i read this book

  24. KandeeXD says:

    Fantastic book! So heartwarming and suspenseful;keeps you reading until the end!!

  25. afreen dharani says:

    i am reading this book i just can feel the emotions of martha

  26. Meisa Nazthasia says:

    how to get this book? i am reaaly interesting to get one..but i live in indonesia.
    can anyone help me ?please…

  27. Jessica says:


  28. Sam says:

    Does anyone know when the book was made?

  29. Im reading it in school the now its probably the only good book ive read

  30. Katie Lovegrove says:

    its a great book, i’m reading it in English and its a bit unusual but i liked it! 🙂 xx

  31. ??? says:

    the book was really good but i thought it got slow to the point and the ending was bad

  32. Ruqs says:

    its a fantastic book!!! im reading it at schoo and everyone loves it!!!!

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