Trance-formation of America by Mark Phillips & Cathy O’Brien

We all know that the world of politics is a manipulative and sometimes seedy realm. Politicians and distrust are two words that go hand in hand in the minds of many people, and the reality of this is borne out by the broken promises and sexual scandals that often hit the news media. I got the first hint that this was merely the tip of the iceberg when I read a chapter called “The Depths of Evil” in David Icke’s book I Am Me, I Am Free. This offered a brief condensation of Trance-formation of America, and the reading of it left me thinking, “Surely this is simply too outrageous to be true – that the world I’m living in is nothing like the way everyone thinks it is?”

The trouble is, I’ve been discovering that, in general, the world really isn’t the way most people think it is. Most people are blind to the fact that the food instrustry is destroying health. Most people are blind to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is not about health, but wealth. Most people are happy to continue raping the planet of all resources and poisoning it with pollution, and will think of this situation as normal life. This book challenges the reader to get to grips with information claiming the governments of the USA (and other countries) are rotten to the core – so rotten that the word diabolical is maybe the only one that fits.

Co-author Cathy O’Brien suffered sexual abuse by her father Earl as a young child. When it was found out by the authorities, the US government offered her father immunity from prosecution if he would agree to have Cathy introduced into the MK-Ultra mind-control program. Child abuse victims are specifically targeted because because of the effect on the mind caused by trauma. The mind becomes compartmentalised, learns to close off memories as a coping mechanism, and develops Disassociative Identity Disorder (what used to be termed Multiple Personality Disorder). After much painful training, Cathy developed numerous personalities which could be switched by various programmed methods. Each personality was hidden from the others and she lost all awareness of the passage of time. This compartmentalisation allowed her to be used in various criminal activities: prostitution to high-ranking government people, government sanctioned drug-running, “carrier pigeon” secret messaging.

In adulthood Cathy lived with her handler Alex Houston in a sham marriage. Houston was not her first handler; there was also Wayne Cox, with whom she had a child, Kelly. Like Cathy herself, Kelly was introduced to MK-Ultra at an early age and was soon taking part in child pornography and prostitution to members of the government. Cathy eventually became what is termed a “Presidental Model,” and was in close contact with the likes of Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Bill & Hillary Clinton. Some of the sexual stuff that Cathy claims went on between her and these people almost beggars belief. One of the worst was when Bush took Kelly into another room and violently raped her while Cathy had to listen to her daughter’s cries on the other side of the wall. This book took so long for me to read because at times I just couldn’t take it. I had to put it aside for a while and read other things. It was too terrible.

Co-author Mark Phillips first met Cathy by going into business with her “husband” Alex Houston. When Houston eventually put some trust in Phillips, this paved the way for Phillips to find out what was being done to Cathy and Kelly, and to make a plan to rescue both of them. After a lot of running, and much learning about mind-control, he was able to de-program Cathy and eventually bring about her complete recovery – and uncover all the memories that the government thought it had so effectively hidden. Kelly was not quite so fortunate and remains in psychiatric care.

So, what should we make of a book like this? Are Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips a couple of sensationalist attention-seekers wanting their fifteen minutes of fame? After having read the book and also seen Cathy talk about her life on video (look her up on YouTube), I just don’t get that impression. She does not seem the slightest bit unhinged. And it strikes me that you would have to be more than just a little unhinged to write the sort of things she writes and risk prosecution from countless famous names.

For me, the thing that helps pull this book out of the realms of fantasy is the picture section. We have photographs of Cathy and Kelly, pictured with some of the people mentioned in the book. Business cards, with addresses and phone numbers, are supplied for many, many people involved in the events of Cathy’s life, any one of whom can be easily contacted to verify information. There are several letters from the government, demonstrating Cathy and Mark’s ongoing quest for justice. There are medical reports on Kelly, showing evidence of her sexual abuse and her ongoing psychological trauma.

Cathy describes a mutilation inflicted on her by one of her handlers, where the inside of her vagina was made to resemble a grinning witch’s face. It was hard to believe until I stumbled upon an actual video of it being examined by a doctor.

It’s no surprise that this book is self-published. What publisher would dare to take it on and risk prosecution? For me, therein lies the most convincing aspect of the story. There are countless high-profile people named and shamed in this book, and yet here it is in publication with not a single charge laid against Cathy and Mark. Why? Is it perhaps because it’s a true account and to draw attention to it through a legal battle would only bring the awful truth out into the public eye? Or should I perhaps give the government the benefit of the doubt and simply say they are innocent until proven guilty?

People who read conspiracy books are often accused of wanting the world to be a more exciting place than it really is, trading the mundane for the sensational, swapping rational investigation for wish-fulfillment. Well, here’s a book that will really put you to the test. Because there is nothing to like here, nothing pretty, nothing that makes me feel good. It only makes the world seem like a much darker and more foreboding place than I thought it was … if it’s true. Is it?

Let me be absolutely frank and rational, because this book left me feeling disturbed and frustrated. I need more than a testimony. And that’s all this is, when you get right down to it. I need something resembling proof, or else I’m trafficking in rumour.

4 thoughts on “Trance-formation of America by Mark Phillips & Cathy O’Brien

  1. Ingrid Sassner says:

    Having read both books, “Trance” and “Access Denied” was like walking while reading through a horrible night mare. Although rumors surfaced earlier, to digest the contents of both books one has to be very healthy. Cathy and Mark did a priceless informative work. Nation and International wide have Cathy and Mark spread their experiences. Still the system hasn’t changed or have I missed something?
    My highest respect for Cathy’s and Mark’s encouragement.

  2. Julia says:

    I haven’t read this because I am not sure I can stomach it, and I have read some pretty awful things in the past in an effort to understand the hidden truths in our society. There are plenty of accounts out there of sexual abuse, and the conviction rate, even the arrest rate, is so low that the crime is effectively condoned. What does that say about the people in charge? And what does it say about the rest of us too?
    One of the reasons perpetrators get away with it is that no one believes the victims, and there are no witnesses. It is a very private crime. Almost impossible to get proof as we know it. We may like to consider the perpetrator innocent til proven guilty, but what about the innocence of the victim?
    I think there is also a strong desire for it not to be true, which favours the perpetrator. We really do not want it to be true. That’s a hard one to get round.

  3. Someone says:

    Well I’ve just been reading some of the Trance book and she certainly appears to show pretty clear signs of thought disorder in her writing. It is also not as uncommon as you would imagine for people with some personality disorders to lie for attention. Self-destructive attention seeking behaviour is almost the definition of a personality disorder. Looks VERY much like a LOT of evidence that she is mentally ill to me. People also keep citing her daughter’s “imprisonment” but it seems more plausible that Cathy was simply court ordered to keep away as she is basically mad and/or severely PD. The daughter would be 32 by now and doesn’t seem to have appeared anywhere supporting her mother’s version of events – in a few other cases I looked at recently online where a child’s parent made wild claims of abuse or conspiracy when they were young, they do not support that now they are older. They don’t go attention whoring like their narcissist mothers though, so they are very hard to find online. Not found Kelly yet though.

    As I have been both tortured in one relationship and put into a trance in another, as different forms of mind control, I have a pretty good first-hand knowledge of how this stuff is really done. Her accounts smack of fantasy, and the legions of people who simply want to believe fuel the fires. People with real stories will never get heard above the din. The real stuff is not as dramatic, and you don’t need to go to such elaborate effort to train people. It also takes TOO LONG for everything she says to be true.

    Also have 2 degrees in psychology, and am a long-term psych patient. No, the stuff I said is not a sodding delusion. At the moment I can’t be bothered to explain more anyway. Thing is, this is the fourth post I have left online ranting about this stuff. Half expect all my posts to vanish but never mind.

    My overall impression is that in all this mind-control-conspiracy stuff there is a grain of truth – but it is clear people have picked up on a few concepts, misunderstood them, and then had wild fantasies about what those things COULD mean. One thing I would like to explain as it seems to be a popular concept online – the “kitten alter”. In a trance you do actually feel like a very small kitten, in terms of mental state. That happens to be how I described it to people before I found all this stuff. I did say “or puppy” but kitten seemed better so I stuck with it. At first I thought the name was just a coincidence – people talk about “sex kittens” – but now I find that it seems to be rumoured that mind-controlled sex slaves often “see themselves as cats”. BUT NO THAT DOES NOT MEAN I THOUGHT I REALLY WAS A CAT FFS. Nobody is going to BOTHER to put a human in an electrified cage and pantomime feeding them cat food and calling them Puss, to achieve this! That is FANTASY!

    I found a lecture by one of the psychotherapists who dealt with the original SRA panic, and he commented that in amongst all the likely-fantasists were occasional real ones, and that they often had never forgotten the abuse or had MPD. Yes, he had decided that SRA was just a cover for CIA mind control, but this was one of the first sites I found on the subject and I didn’t realise yet just how prevalent that idea was. I withheld judgement. It may well be that SOME of the people who claim to be victims of govt mind control experiments are also telling the truth – in fact, some must be. It just appears to be the loudest and most publicised cases are the least likely and most sensational. And rumours breed more rumours, and more crazy people and attention seekers and so on and so on.

    I wish some of the sites that claim to be so serious about mind control actually had email addresses to write in to, I would gladly tell a serious researcher EVERY DETAIL of what happened to me in the interest of furthering their knowledge. I at least trust that the people wanting to know about this stuff actually are honest themselves.

  4. Someone says:

    PS this reminds me of a case I know in person – someone who is a national spokesperson on schizophrenia, who is actually a psychopath and copies all her “symptoms” from people she knows. None of the other schizophrenics believe she is schizophrenic at all, as her stories in general lack the details that allow people with similar experiences to know she is telling the truth.

    I thought I should put this factoid out there so people can see I have other life experience to back this up.

    I get the same impression when reading this “Trance” thing. It simply doesn’t read like a genuine account by a survivor of any sort of abuse to me. I spend a lot of time telling people my own stories, and reading other people’s online on abuse sites and so on and so forth. It’s like hearing a tune played off key. Like she knows the tune but not the words, or something.

    It is so frustrating being me right now as I am only looking for this stuff to try to work out the how and what of what happened to me in my own past. Bloody psychopaths screwing things up for the rest of us as usual.

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