Love Changes Everything by David Icke

After reading many books by David Icke and being impressed with some of his views, I grew particularly interested in reading this early work as a result of the author’s own comments about the book in a 2008 interview: “Love Changes Everything … I don’t like that book, because it was written at the most extreme time of my transformation, when wasn’t sure what planet I was on, never mind what my name was.” It’s well known that Icke was ridiculed in the early days for his claim of being the Son of God, or rather a Son of the Godhead. I really wanted to get to the bottom of all that. I thought his first book The Truth Vibrations would tell all, but people often get the chronology wrong. The Truth Vibrations was actually written before his head blew, and is reasonably balanced in comparison to this follow up. People associate The Truth Vibrations with Icke’s “Son of the Godhead” phase because its publication coincided with the infamous Wogan interview, at which time Icke had gone through a startling spiritual experience in Peru which resulted in him transforming into someone who wasn’t sure what planet he was on. And the book that lets you look into that phase of Icke’s life is Love Changes Everything. The book doesn’t start well, as on the very second page of the introduction, Icke states (emphasis mine):

Since the publication of The Truth Vibrations I have learned so much more as I have communicated almost daily with Rakorski, the one known as Lord of all Creation, who is directly responsible for the changes the Earth will undergo. I also communicate often with the one we know as Jesus, the Spirit of the Earth, and many others.

Icke’s present view is that there never was a Jesus, and he has held that view since at least 1999 (he talks of it in The Biggest Secret). Icke now says the story of Jesus is purely astrological, containing many elements from the stories of other saviour gods of antiquity: Horus, Mithra, Buddha, Krishna, etc. It’s rather startling to hear him talk of communicating with Jesus in the early days. What was really happening? Was Icke lying? Was he being deceived by lying spirits? Who can tell. At least it clears up the notion that he was claiming to be Jesus, if nothing else. What exactly did he mean by “Son of the Godhead”? From page 103:

Some find it hard to accept that there is more than one Son of the Godhead. They believe that Jesus is the only Son of God. It is true that Jesus is the most evolved of these beings, but there are many of this evolution around the universes. Sons and Daughters of the Godhead carry and channel energies which can have a very powerful effect on the energy system [of the planet], and they can also restore links between a planet and the network. They have a different role to that of a Son of Man, and the two are not the same. They are created by the Godhead to serve Creation and the energy system, and are given a particular energy package that allows them to channel and generate incredibly pure and powerful energies. The more they evolve the purer and more powerful those energies become. They also have the ability to stimulate energies in other life-forms when they travel to or through an area. However, Sons and Daughters of the Godhead should not be seen as more important or special than anyone else. They have a role to play, but then so does every single life-form, nor are they super-human. They struggle with the same emotions and problems as anyone else.

The book continues by listing some people that Icke says were Sons and Daughters of God: Akhenaten (Egyptian pharoah), Cleopatra, then Jesus. He devotes a whole chapter to Jesus, retelling his life, disregarding a great deal of what is revealed in the Bible and supplanting it with information channelled through psychics. Here, apparently, is a channelling directly from Jesus himself: “I hoped that the Earth would change. That we could remove negativity with minimal landshifts and volcanoes and then continue with the energy work. Many people seemed willing to change …”

Here’s some information about John the Baptist that will give you a flavour of the sort of re-telling Icke is doing:

John had a mervellous understanding of cleansing energy systems and chakras and opening up beings spiritually by removing negativity and past-life karma. It is said that he lived in the wilderness, but it’s more correct that he lived in an area where many varied plants, rocks, and crystals were available. It was also near a place of Divine Water. Divine Waters are rivers or springs which carry Godhead energies as part of the energy system. People went to John to have their physical body cleared of any lingering negativity. The final cleansing was total immersion in the Divine Waters.

Love Changes Everything is based almost entirely on information channelled through psychics, in particular Mari Shawsun. The book provides a re-telling of history, including dramatically specific information about Atlantis, King Arthur, Lucifer/Satan. Are we supposed to simply take this information on faith? Apparently so. The Jesus part of this story is what really put things in perspective for me. We know those channellings are completely wrong (and Icke knows it, too, today), so that immediately throws the entire book into the realms of imaginative fantasy. It’s a nice bed-time story, but it has absolutely nothing to say about what really happened in history.

The overall problem with the book is that Icke has allowed himself to be taken for ride by the claims of psychics, and it badly damages his credibility. I can’t help wondering whether he’s making the same mistake today, in the credence he places in the claims of people like Credo Mutwa, Arizona Wilder, Stewart Swerdlow, Zecharia Sitchin and others – people he uses to validate his claim that world leaders are shape-shifting inter-dimensional reptilian entities.

You know, I can’t deny that I’ve been inspired by many a thing that David Icke has said, which is why I keep reading him despite the things (incredible or otherwise) that I can’t take on board. But his claim to have channelled Jesus damages my view of him more than anything else he has ever said. I am reminded to have my BS detector on full alert when reading his books.

Here are some of Icke’s personal reflections on the most extreme phase of his spiritual awakening, not long before writing this book. From page 141:

Then, in March 1991, I went over for a third visit to Canada to work with a channeller, Mari Shawsun. I can remember the time vividly: it was just as if someone had flicked a light switch. Suddenly, the David Icke I have just described had taken a step back. He was still there, but no longer controlling events. I think the same thing must have happened to Mari also. It was such a strange feeling. It was as if the real me had become an observer, just looking on, sometimes in horror, at what was happening. […] What happened next, however, was a real shocker. Communications came through that I was from the evolution called Sons of the Godhead. More than that, a list of fantastic and specific physical events were given that were supposed to happen before the end of the year. To top it all I was to call a press conference and tell the world all this. […] I will never forget that press conference and I doubt if any of the journalists will either. I stood there in my tourquoise tracksuit telling them all this stuff and as I read out the list of “changes” I remember my rational aspect saying with a distant voice: “David, what the hell are you saying? This is absolute nonsense.” But my mouth continued to open and my credibility continued to sign its own death warrant.

It’s clear that in Love Changes Anything, Icke is in the process of recovering his rationality, but he had far from fully recovered, as is clear from the information he continued to place credence in. I leave you with a full transcript of Icke’s personal reflections on the early days, from the 2008 interview mentioned at the top:

When you’re working with psychics, as I was in those early days, trying to make sense of what was happening to my life and make sense of what I was beginning to understand, you’re at the mercy of the psychic who is communicating information. For instance, what psychics do is they have the ability to access some of these other frequencies of existence and bring information from entities on those dimensions into this one. Now, you know, there are great footballers of world renown and there are people that kick a ball about on a team at the park on a Sunday morning. They’re both footballers, but they’re not the same quality of footballer – the same ability. And also, if someone has a belief system – a psychic – about a religion or Jesus or whatever, what happens is – it’s like telepathy – as the energy is communicated through the psychic, the psychic will put their own spin on it, and it can come out in a less than pure way or less than the same accurate way than it was communicated, because it has gone through a filter which is based on belief – belief in something. So all these factors are in there with regard to information, in regard to how accurate it is or whatever. What I will say about the The Truth Vibrations particularly – Love Changes Everything … I don’t like that book, because it was written at the most extreme time of my transformation, when wasn’t sure what planet I was on, never mind what my name was. I was transforming from the person who presented the sport on the BBC to what I became, and now it’s easy for me to transform from one state to another because, you know, you get used to it, and all the rest of it. But in those days, you know, I was a baby from this point of view. It was a real challenge. It was a very bewildering experience. So, Love Changes Everything was written at that time, with, to be honest, the bewilderment that I was feeling – the confusion that I was feeling. But The Truth Vibrations, the first one, which was written before my head really blew, I am extremely pleased with that. It’s interesting that when I talk about things today, I’m talking about them in a more detailed way, with a greater understanding than then.

The book Icke wrote after Love Changes Everything is his autobiography In the Light of Experience, which I have read and reviewed. It provides yet more insight into his past, and is an excellent book by comparison. Perhaps Love Changes Everything should be looked at as the one book by David Icke that should never have been written.

8 thoughts on “Love Changes Everything by David Icke

  1. yacubschild says:

    I just finished reading Love Changes Everything and didn’t think it was that bad. I quite like his early New Age phase. Taken together with his other work, I think David is attempting to write the Bible of the modern era: a narrative that encompasses pretty much every topic known to man. Whether or not all of it is true is irrelevant, imho.

  2. Daryl says:

    I like LCE too, it’s a vivid and detailed read. Perhaps even the Truth? Ha HA! That would be ironic. I don’t like Icke’s anti Jesus stance these days, i’m not a Christian per se, i’m spiritual but i believe Jesus to have be a Real and True Godman- and not to be denied. All that ridicule he endured has made Icke stubborn with the truth, even egoical and flippant but i’m still a bit of a fan.

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Daryl, can you send a photo of “Since the publication of The Truth Vibrations I have learned so much more as I have communicated almost daily with Rakorski, the one known as Lord of all Creation, who is directly responsible for the changes the Earth will undergo. I also communicate often with the one we know as Jesus, the Spirit of the Earth, and many others.”?

    and tell me in what interview David tell “Love Changes Everything … I don’t like that book, because it was written at the most extreme time of my transformation, when wasn’t sure what planet I was on, never mind what my name was”?

  4. Darryl says:

    Sorry, Mark, I’m not sure what interview I transcribed the text from, as I have listened to so many. It was dated 2008 and I think it was one he made for his website subscribers where he was being interviewed on his own sofa by a female fan.

    Regarding sending a photo from Love Changes Everything, sorry, but I no longer own the book. The text is accurate, however.

  5. Mark says:

    thanks Darryl! can I ask you where I can find this interview? I don’t find it on youtube!

    Regarding the photo, can you make me this favour? if you can have it again just for a minute, take a photo please ^^

    that phrase it’s enough for me, and I don’t know where I can find this book

  6. Darryl says:

    Sorry, Mark, but I sold the book on eBay a long time ago. You should be able to find a copy there. I’ve seen them show up from time to time.

    I did find this particular video on YouTube, but it was a long time ago. If you go hunting for it, all I can tell you is that he was sitting comfortably on a sofa, being interviewed by a young female off-camera, and she was asking him questions that had come from fans. He was asked how he felt nowadays about his early works and claims. This was a video made originally for subscribers, but it had made its way onto YouTube. I no longer have it. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  7. Da-Renn says:

    David was a blast of fresh aquarian air back then. Pity it was all bullshit, Or was it? These days he doesn’t believe Jesus existed but in the early 90’s he communicated with him regularly. Go figure. The new age is a heady cocktail of truth and lies……Heavy on the delusion.

  8. says:

    He has disowned this book. It no longer appears listed in his recent books.

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