Starstormers 3: Catfang by Nicholas Fisk

There are five adventures in the Starstormers children’s space opera, and it has taken me a over year to locate copies of them all. This third adventure, Catfang, finally completes my set. The books are rare and hard to find on eBay, but judging by the amount of search requests my previous two reviews have generated, they are fondly remembered. I was very pleased with the first adventure, not so enamoured with the second, but something just keeps me reading. In part, I guess I’m revisiting my childhood and completing some unfinished business. But the books do hold a certain silly charm for me, even as an adult. The characters of Vawn, Ispex, Tsu and Makenzi (and not forgetting the robot, Shambles) all have their individual quirks, and the interactions between them are frequently funny.

The plots of the stories require a massive suspension of disbelief. If adventures one and two seemed unbelievable, Fisk really goes into overdrive with Catfang. At the end of book two, the Starstormers have escaped the clutches of the Octopus Emperor and are on the run in space. They now discover a stowaway on board: a cat. They name it Fang. Now, I won’t spoil the story by telling you what strange things the crew end up doing with this cat; all I will say is, “Fisk, what have you been smoking!” Because the antics in this book could only seem logical to an author floating several feet above his keyboard. But you know what? I just went with it and I had fun. And I’ll probably finish the series in due course.

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3 thoughts on “Starstormers 3: Catfang by Nicholas Fisk

  1. Drew Wagar says:

    I finally managed to get a copy of ‘Volcano’ from ebay just the other week, so am re-reading the whole saga in one go.

    As you say, an amazing suspension of belief is required, but it’s still an enjoyable romp of nostalgia. Plot holes are awful though, and makes you wonder how it got published. Catfang was a bit of a disapointment after the first two stories. Having now read ‘Volcano’ I think ‘Evil Eye’ is actually the best ‘story’, but I prefer the first two books for their nostalgia value.

    All the best.


  2. Jim says:

    can any of the episodes be seen online?

  3. Darryl says:

    Hi, Jim. These are books, not video.

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