Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Certainly no ordinary pulpish vampire yarn here. You can tell Anne Rice has thought long and hard about what she’s writing. These vampires are believable characters with their own philosophies and ways of life. The book begins in the latter end of the 20th century, with a vampire by the name of Louis preparing to tell the story of his life to a young interviewer. And so we are transported centuries back in time, where we learn of Louis’ transformation from human to vampire, of his moral struggle with his need to kill, of his search to find others of his kind.

It’s a gripping read, and has some genuinely funny moments, including a great section which they left right out of the movie. Rice paints a picture of vampiredom that is very attractive in its sheer irresponsibility of lifestyle. In fact, dissatisfaction with life is the ultimate the theme of the novel, and the ending leaves the reader with some real food for thought.